Thursday, 3 April 2014

What is assessment? -Jacob

What is Assessment?

Have you ever wondered what an assessment is? The dictionary definition is the action of assessing someone or something. Assessments show the teacher what level we are at and what we need to achieve. Did you know that one hundred years ago, in the ancient times, you would wear a hat called the dunce cap to show everyone in the class that you didn’t do well in your test. Today the teachers don’t really do that to the students because they are not mean.

At PBS the assessments that we do are the e-asttle reading,writing and maths. We also do the star reading test, peters spelling and the IKAN test.

The reason why we do assessments is because it tells the teacher what we know and what we need to learn. It also says what level of understanding you are at.The teachers at PBS want us to do well in our test so that we can be successful throughout the rest of the year.  

Assessments help us understand writing, reading and maths. They help us achieve the parts in our learning where we went wrong. They help us start climbing the ladder of success.

So the reason why students and teachers do assessments are so you know what you understand and to show what you to work on to shoot pass the others.

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