Monday, 28 July 2014

Why is Facebook a problem? - Explantion: Jacob

Why is Facebook a problem?

Are you aware that Facebook is a problem with no solution. Everyones secrets and their privacy is revealed once they create an account and log onto it. More than 1 billion people log onto it each day. People lie about their identity or steal other peoples identities. Everyone around the world can log onto Facebook but not everyone is who they really are.

First of all there is cyber bullying. If someone dislikes another person, they put negative posts about that person onto their Facebook page. Some people send negative messages to each other instead of saying things face to face. This causes the police to be involved because it is bullying. Some people even end their lives because they are bullied. If someone is bullied by someone they know, they don’t want to go around them. Everyone is too scared to tell an adult if they are being bullied.

There are a lot of scams on Facebook. Whenever it says, “Click the like button and win a prize” don’t click like. If you do it, it can either be spam or send you videos or pictures that are not good to look at. It can also send everyone on your friends lists that same thing. Think about what you do on Facebook!

Next is viruses. You can click on the like button all you want but all that is doing is putting viruses on your phone, computer and other things you have it downloaded on. The more posts you like per day, the more viruses you get. You will have to pay someone to get all of the viruses of your device.

It is addicting and annoying. It is addicting because most people spend an average of 40% of their time on Facebook. Once you go on it, you can’t stop looking at posts. Have you ever wondered how much time you are spending on Facebook? It is annoying because if you download it onto your phone it will keep bugging you when you are trying to sleep. If you forget to put your phone on silent during a movie,  other people will get annoyed because of all the things that people are posting while you are watching the movie.

There are a lot of posts but each and everyone of them can be a virus, a scam or posted by someone who is not who they really are. Make sure  you make the right choices!


  1. Wow Jacob that is a really well written explanation.I like how you managed to include the bad things that would happened to your device.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesome Jacob I like the way you worked so hard on your facebook explanation.
    Keep Up the good work

  3. Hi Jacob,
    That is a really detailed explanation. By reading your explanation, I have learnt you could get viruses by liking a photo! Is there really no solution?

    - Yvette

  4. Hi Jacob

    I really like that hook, you really hooked me into the story. Good effort on your explanation Jacob keep up the good work

  5. Hi Jacob

    I enjoyed reading your Explanation about Why is Facebook a problem. I liked how you Hooked me in the Beginning. Keep up the Great work.

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