Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cross section of a Volcano: Jacob

This is a cross section of a volcano. The aim was to create an information picture on volcanoes. We used Google draw to make it. We had to label the different parts of a volcano and write a definition so we know what it means.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Mount Tongariro Eruption: Jacob

The Mount Tongariro Eruption
People ran in shock as the fierce Mount Tongariro wakes up. He was blowing the air with ash. Several flights were delayed as Tongariro was burping boulders of fire.

Local’s could hear explosions everywhere. The eruption happened on the 21 of November in 2012 in the afternoon. Following the explosions a cloud of ash fell and covered the local town like it was a blanket.The agile red hot rocks did a reverse bungy.

When the mountain erupted people were running far away from the mountain. People were packing food while the mountain was erupting. The police started warning people that Tongariro was erupting.

The damage that was caused harmed houses, cars and even animals were covered with a thick layer of ash. Even the police couldn't get to all the civilians while running with fear. Mt Tongariro eruption has also caused significant damage to a nearby tramping hut.

They heard a loud sound that made the local’s scared coming from Tongariro. Local’s didn't care when the police gave the first warning. People ran out of their homes and saw an enormous cloud of ash.

It would take many days to clean up the mess made to peoples houses. The local’s are still waiting for the ash to disappear.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My blog posts: Jacob

This is my statistics of my blog posts. It has the amount of blog posts I have posted each month, this year. The most post in a month was 37 posts. The lowest amount of posts was 4.

Monday, 26 August 2013

W5 Spelling Weekly challenges: Jacob

This is my spelling weekly challenge presentation. It is on maths words. I had to divide the words into syllables.

My comment to Aryan's Auckland Volcano presentation: Jacob

This is my comment to Aryan's Auckland Volcano presentation. It has all the volcanoes in Auckland. The information is very clear to read and the writing is in his own words. Here is a link to his Auckland Volcano presentation if you want to learn more about Auckland volcanoes:

My comment to Aryan's water cycle: Jacob

This is my comment to Aryan's water cycle presentation. It had great information but he didn't use his own words. Here is a link to the presentation if you want to learn more:

Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Rock Cycle: Jacob

This is what Teagan and I did on the Rock cycle. Room 9 had another dictation race to write down all the words in our books. There are Igneous rocks, Sentimental rocks and Metamorphic rocks.

River Safety Brochure: Jacob

This is my river safety brochure. If you want more information, click the links. If in doubt, know your way out. Read the Key questions to help keep you safe in the water.

KWL Volcanoes: Jacob

This is a KWL chart on Volcanoes that my group did. Next we are hoping to answer all the questions.

Volcano shared Inquiry: Jacob

This is our presentation on volcanoes. It is a shared Inquiry presentation, that means we had to work collaboratively with partners. My partners were Isaac and Teagan. We worked hard to finish this presentation. Don't be shy to click on a link and make a comment.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Water Safety: Jacob

This is what Teagan and I made about the water cycle. There are four main words. They are evaporation, condensation, precipitation and accumulation. We had to get information from using the teachers information. We had dictator race to see who could copy the words from the sheet the fastest, our time was 18:48. Then we had to write our own words onto this poster. The water cycle never stops, it keeps going on and on.

Friday, 16 August 2013

W3 spelling weekly challenge: Jacob

This is my week 3 spelling weekly challenge. I have done 2 production words in sign language.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Volcanoes: Jacob

This is my groups Auckland volcano presentation. It has Auckland's extinct volcanoes and dormant volcanoes. There are at least 50 Auckland volcanoes.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Maths: Jacob

This is my group working collaboratively to make a hundreds line. We had to cut out every number from the hundreds square to make the number line.
This is my groups number line. We had to skip count in 3's from 36, forwards and backwards. I noticed that we were also doing the 9 times table too. Every second number is part of the 6 times table. It goes odd, even, odd, even. On the hundreds square the colour pattern is diagonal.

Swimming Goal: Jacob

This is my swimming photo. We are playing a game called seahorses. I am good at keeping a straight back when swimming. My goals are to build up my stamina and strength, get better at backstroke, swim 2 lengths of the pool without stopping and breath while I swim.

Blogging Goals T3: Jacob

This is my blogging goals for term 3. I am going to try and get 50+ post. Last term I got 65 post.

Character description paragraphs: Jacob

Battle of the Mountains

Mt Tongariro:
Mt Tongariro is a courageous, sentimental and kingly mountain. He is very athletic and brassbound. He is friendly and agile. He is the strongest mountain out of Taranaki, Tauhara and Putauaki.

Mt Pihanga:
Mt Pihanga is a girl who is very protective and loving mountain. She is soft hearted and very sensitive. She is a very gentle mountain. She is Apprehensive and affable.

Mt Taranaki:
Mt Taranaki is a bad mannered, unfaithful mountain who is very jealous of Mt Tongariro. He is so anxious and aggressive. He can be competitive and very desperate. He is embarrassed because he challenged Tongariro for the hand of Pihanga and then he lost the fight.

Mt Tauhara
Mt Tauhara is humiliated and chicken hearted. He is romantic and is double dealing. He is sneaky and weak. He was humiliated in-front of Pihanga by helping Taranaki and running away when Taranaki lost. Tauhara is the romantic mountain.

Mt Putauaki

Mt Putauaki is the same as Tauhara except he’s not romantic. Putauaki and Tauhara are childhood friends and they have always been sneaky. Putauaki is devious and embarrassed.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Keyboard Skills: Jacob

This is my keyboard skills. I can do 41 words per minute.
This is my high score for today. On this one I did 42 words per minute.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Miss Paton's time at the Google Teachers Academy: Jacob

Google Teachers Academy
Miss Paton flew on a plane to Chicago. She went there for the Google Teachers Academy (GTA). 60 people out 514 people were chosen. Miss Paton's group's name was team Wright and met them on Google Hangout. She got to look through the new Google glasses that are voice activated. She got a goodies bag full of a lot of cool equipment. Miss Paton learnt how to mix and mash YouTube videos. There were fun Google challenges. Miss Paton was chosen to do a challenge. The challenge was to stand on a chair and try and drop a mint mentos into a cola bottle. She got the mentos in on her first time and was so excited. She got certificates and badges at the end.

Character Description: Jacob

This is my character description on the book, The Battle of the Mountains. Some of the characters personalities are humiliated, ashamed, athletic and caring. The characters are Tongariro, Pihunga, Tauhara, Taranaki and Putauaki.