Thursday, 8 August 2013

Character description paragraphs: Jacob

Battle of the Mountains

Mt Tongariro:
Mt Tongariro is a courageous, sentimental and kingly mountain. He is very athletic and brassbound. He is friendly and agile. He is the strongest mountain out of Taranaki, Tauhara and Putauaki.

Mt Pihanga:
Mt Pihanga is a girl who is very protective and loving mountain. She is soft hearted and very sensitive. She is a very gentle mountain. She is Apprehensive and affable.

Mt Taranaki:
Mt Taranaki is a bad mannered, unfaithful mountain who is very jealous of Mt Tongariro. He is so anxious and aggressive. He can be competitive and very desperate. He is embarrassed because he challenged Tongariro for the hand of Pihanga and then he lost the fight.

Mt Tauhara
Mt Tauhara is humiliated and chicken hearted. He is romantic and is double dealing. He is sneaky and weak. He was humiliated in-front of Pihanga by helping Taranaki and running away when Taranaki lost. Tauhara is the romantic mountain.

Mt Putauaki

Mt Putauaki is the same as Tauhara except he’s not romantic. Putauaki and Tauhara are childhood friends and they have always been sneaky. Putauaki is devious and embarrassed.

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