Monday, 27 May 2013

Current Events: Jacob

TITLE: ‘Cost-cuts will take beach lifesaver jobs’

WHEN: It doesn't say when it happened but it was published on the 26th of May.✔

WHO: The Lifeguards and the SLSNR✔

WHERE: Whangarei to Raglan✔

WHAT:  SLSNR are taking lifeguards away from the beaches because they aren't making a profit.

WHY or HOW it happened: SLSNR isn't making enough money. The revenue dropped.

What do you think the author wanted you to learn from this article?
To make us aware if they take lifeguards away because they aren't making a profit.

List 2 new words you have found in this article, then write their meanings.
Overseeing: Supervise (a person or work), esp. in an official capacity.
Concerned: Worried, troubled, or anxious: "the villagers are concerned about burglaries".

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