Monday, 3 September 2012

My letter to Miss Paton by Jacob

76 Kings Rd
Panmure, Auckland
3rd September 2012

Hello, Miss Paton

Can you believe it has been two weeks since you left. How has your trip been? We’re having a great time with Mr. Blackmore. He has been teaching us a lot about space.

We have learnt new games like fly and running red rover. Mr. Blackmore has taught us easier ways to solve multiplication facts like 5 x 5 = halve the 5 = 2.5 take away the decimal = 25

We had a soccer tournament at point england reserve. The people in my team were Oh s’mar, Isaac, Patrick, Halatoa, Christopher, Rose, Alazay, Angel, Lavinia and Menchun. I was the goalkeeper and I saved 12 shots. Mr. Blackmore was our coach. We won 2 games, lost 3 games and tied 1 game. We came 6th out of the whole competition.



  1. Hello Jacob

    Your letter to Miss Paton is perfect and you have no spelling mistakes. Its also long and your paragraph on our soccer field day is great.


  2. Hi Jacob,

    Thank you very much for your email. I love reading up your learning in room 5. It seems you are learning lots of new knowledge in Maths, which is great. At the moment I am in Spain. I am in the city of Barcelona where great soccer players come from. I am on my tour around Europe at the moment. I am enjoying it and meeting lots of people. Most of my tour group are from Australia. Last weekend I met my great Aunt. She is an amazing lady and she doesn't look 94 years old. She lives in a little village area between Manchester and Liverpool called Rain Hill. We talked lots about my family especially my grand parents. 
    Keep up the wonderful learning you are doing with Mr Blackmore. I hope you get to travel round the world one day. You learn so much such as languages, cultures and foods.

    Best wishes,

    From Miss Paton


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