Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Stars explanation: Jacob S

Have you ever wondered why stars are only visible at night? It is because of the sun’s heat rays that turn the sky blue. The stars don’t go anywhere, the sun just prevents us from seeing them in the day.

Stars are giant balls of glowing gas. They are made up of hydrogen and helium. Hydrogen is the lightest gas and helium is the second lightest gas. When the two elements meet it causes a nuclear fusion or an explosion.

Did you know the sun is a star. The sun is 149,600,000 kilometres away from earth. The sun isn't the biggest star. There are many stars but there is only one star in our solar system.

When there is light, we can’t see stars. City lights can also prevent us from seeing stars. To get the best view of stars you need to get away from all of the street lights. If you are in complete darkness you can see every single star across the universe except for the sun.

The universe Is built up of many stars. Each star is visible during the night. Sometimes you can see stars in the daytime. Every single star has a purpose. Their purpose is to shine light across the universe.

A star is a bright ball of gas that shines light across the universe. You can only see a star at night because in the day the sun’s heat rays prevent us from seeing them.

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