Monday, 9 June 2014

Pollination: Pah Nwee & Jacob

What is pollination?
(Explain in 25 words)
Pollinators (Bees etc.) collect pollen from plants and put pollen on other plants so they can grow. Without pollen there wouldn't be plants and other things. 
25 words.

What role do bees have in plant reproduction?
(Explain in 25 words)
Bees fly to plants. They grab the pollen. Bees carry pollen to other plants. The pollen jumps on to the plant to help it grow. 
25 words

How plant reproduction processes produce and much of our food?
(Explain in 25 words)
Plant reproduction is creating more plants. More plants mean more fruits and more food that grow in the ground to eat. 
21 words

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  1. Well done boys! Excellent explanation. I didn't realize how helpful bees were, their always so annoying trying to sting everyone.


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