Friday, 18 October 2013

My narrative: Jacob

We used this picture to write a narrative.

Beep!!, Beep!! sounded as Steve beeped the horn while he was speeding down the highway in my favourite 4 wheel drive to go catch some fish. Steve got to the beach and paused, he gazed at an old friend/Daniel from high school. They strolled to go eat some burgers to catch up and see what is happening. He talked and talked until his friend Screamed, “LOOK!!!, your car is going into the water”. Steve watched as his car dived into the water and for a swim. Steve thought, “what did I forget to do or did someone else do it”..........

“Who did this!!, who would do this to such a great car” cried Steve. “Dude, your wife is going to kill you when she listens to what you did” whispered Daniel. Apparently he thought a person on the cruise ship shot the hand brake with a sniper rifle. He swam and swam until he broke into the ship. Daniel was alone and thought to himself, “he doesn’t know I ordered someone to push his car into the water”.

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