Friday, 5 July 2013

Compound sentences: Jacob

These are my compound sentences. I needed to get up to 1 million. I needed to find out what the answer was. At the start I got up to 64,000. Click here to go the link.

abrupt: A family was going to have a nice game but someone was abrupt.
agony: People were happy unfortunately someone died in agony.
anchor: A person dropped the anchor however it crushed a fish.
announce: Someone was going to tell the prime minister a new law unluckily he died.
assume: So you assume someone took Mrs Anderson’s key’s, however they might of been dropped somewhere
bass: He can’t play the bass after he was humiliated
bitter: This drink is bitter, luckily it is nice
bracket: I hated using brackets until I started understanding them more
broccoli: I hate broccoli although they can be good for you.

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