Thursday, 21 March 2013

My awesome Eastern beach trip: Jacob

My awesome Eastern beach trip

On one grey cloudy Monday, Panmure Bridge School went to Eastern Beach on a huge bus for a field trip. I sat on the bus and vroom, vroom, the bus sped off around the corner to Dunkirk Road. We passed our school and some people whispered, “Bye school”. Mrs Anderson started taking photos with her camera and everyone was talking really loudly.

We finally arrived at the beach. People were saying, “It is too cold. It feels like we’re inside a freezer!”
We sat down and the principal, (Mr Johnston), spoke really loudly so we could hear him. He gave us the instructions and the rules. We got to the spot and I was like the speed of lighting to get my food out. Everyone was hungry and people felt like eating each other. Next I played soccer with my friends and it was so hard to play in such a little spot, but it was the only spot to play in with shade.

Group 1 finally finished the kayaking and it was my turn. I put on my life jacket and it was so tight so I had to breathe quick. Ms Kirkpatrick, Ms Nicole and Mr Grady taught us how to paddle on the kayaks and stay balanced. I was sauntered over and sat on a kayak. I almost fell off as I was descending in the seat but quickly acquired the new skill and of how to get balanced. I was crashing into people. The wind was trying to push me to the rocks and tip me over and feed me to the water. We played tag with the paddles and I got tagged. We had to stand up on the front or back of the kayak and two people swapped the kayaks.
“ Damn! “ my head told me. I had to swap kayaks first and my heart was jumping but........ I had survived! I sat down in the kayak. Luckily I didn’t collapse into the hungry mouth of the water that kept tried to gobble me up. After a lot of paddling we looked like we were just about to hit the rocks so we were taught how to turn. On the way back in we had a race to shore and I came fourth. We hopped or jumped off the kayak and took off our life jackets. I strolled to my bag and had a nice refreshing drink and ate my way into my lunch box.

Mr Johnston was like 111 Piha rescue when people were on the kayaks and playing in the water. When I was swimming I thought the sun was having a fight with the clouds because the sun was trying its best to give us sunshine. The waves continuously licked the sand and the sea lice appeared to be having a game of tag.  I’m fortunate they didn’t get me. After swimming I played cricket. People were whacking the ball as far as half a rugby field. My friend was tired of getting out so he sat down. Someone bowled the ball and the person who got my friend out hit it up and funnily my friend caught the ball while he was sitting down.

When the buses arrived all of us sat down and Mr Johnston told us what a great day it was. I agreed with him. We made our way over to our bus. I hopped on board and tried to go sleep but the people at the back were too noisy. It was like volcano was erupting in my head.

Back at school we walked slowly back to class and man, was I tired. I sat at my desk and felt like going to sleep. Finally the bell rang. I left the room last I think because I was too tired to even hop off my chair. I learnt masses of new kayaking skills and had a great day at the beach.

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