Thursday, 16 August 2012

Jacob: reflecting on my artwork.

Printmaking Reflection

1. Are you pleased with your prints? Why / Why not?
Yes because I tried my best.

2. What is your favourite print and why? Crayon Rubbing, Crayon and Dye, Dry Ink and Wet Ink
Wet ink because it came out clearly.

3. What is your least favourite print and why?
Dye because some of the crayon smudged when I put the dye on.

4. What did you find easy?
I found crayon rubbing easy  because it was nice and quick.

5. What did you find hard?
I found cutting out the silhouette hard.
6. What would you do differently next time?
Pressing on the crayon harder.

7. Who / What has helped you in the printmaking process?
Teagan and the teacher.

8. What is something you have learnt from printmaking?
I have learnt that if you don’t press down on your artwork with a crayon it won’t stand out.

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