Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Report on Jean Batten: By Jacob

Jean Batten

Jean Gardner Batten was a famous aviator who broke world records. She stood up for women's rights and that men and women were equal.

Jean Batten was born on 15th September 1909 New Zealand, Rotorua. Jean Batten’s full name was Jean Gardner Batten. She had three older brothers but one died at birth. Her mother was an actress and her father was a dentist. Her father wanted her to be a pianist but she wanted to be an aviator. She took piano lessons then she thought playing the piano wasn’t her thing. She sold her piano and went to England with her mother and there she learnt how to fly. Then in 1930 she got her pilot's license. She bought a Gypsy moth bi-plane.

In 1933 she flew from England to India. In 1934 she flew from England to Australia in 14 days, 22 hours and 30 minutes. In 1935 she flew from England to Australia both ways. In 1935 Jean Batten sold her Gypsy moth bi-plane for a Percival Gull Monoplane. In 1935 she flew from England to Brazil in a time of 61 hours 40 minutes. She visited England, Indonesia, Burma, Australia and Brazil.

While Jean Batten was flying from England to New Zealand she found out her fiance died. A while later she met another man and he got shot down when a war was going on. Jean Batten didn’t know that her fiance died in a plane crash until some soldiers told her.

Jean Batten travelled to Marjorca, Spain. The next day Jean went for a walk and got bitten by a dog. She refused to take medicine. Later on that day the dog bite got infected and she died in her hotel room in 1982 on November 22nd.

Jean Batten didn’t get famous until after her death. Jean Batten’s achievements were best remembered until after her death. Jean Batten always tried her best even if she didn’t beat people’s achievements.Jean Batten has put New Zealand on the world map and there is a statue of her at Auckland International Airport.

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