Friday, 9 March 2012

Eastern Beach

My time at Eastern beach

Yahoo! We are going to Eastern beach today where the water

is as cold as ice blocks and the sun is hotter than fire. On

Monday the 27th febuary, the whole school went to the

amazing Eastern beach were there is blue water and white

clouds. I got to school and everyone was in mufti except for some people. The bell rang and every class was in lines. The bus was supposed come at 9:15. I was getting angry because the bus arrived late. The bus arrived at 9:38. We sat on the bus with room 6. Only some of room five hopped on the bus with room 6. The rest of room 5 hopped on another bus with room 7 and some parent helpers. Finally we arrived at Eastern beach. There was another school at Eastern beach. Now we are going to a shady area. Mr Johnston told us the rules when we got there. All of us had morning tea and then the other buses came. Next I played touch on the on the other volly ball court with Tevita, Henry, Kobe, Faitele, Teagan and Addnan. Tevita Addnan, and Henry was on my team. My team scored the first try. Then my team scored another try. Now more people came to play but we didn’t have enough space to play so we got some cones and played on the field. I had a quick snack before room 5 did the life jacket activity. Before we put on the life jackets, Mr Johnston showed us how to put them on. He used Quaid

for a demonstration to show us. Everyone rushed into the water when they put their life jacket on. The water was as cold as ice blocks when I hopped in. I kept on going deeper and deeper until I was flouting. Kifi and Teagan went the furtherest out. 20 Minutes later, Mr Johnston said, “life jacket people come and take your life jackets off. I was spinning then I hopped out and took my life jacket off. I had a drink and then went back into the water for a couple of minutes. I took my towel and my bag to a sunny area, put my towel down and ate some more lunch. My mum and dad went in the car and got me some Burger King. I played another game of touch. Now it is the second session of swimming, everyone went for another swim except for a little bit. I was in the water for 20 minutes and then I got changed. We waited for the bus for five minutes. We hopped on the bus then went back to school. It was the longest day of school.

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