Friday, 16 September 2011

Making 3D Nets

Making 3D Nets
On Monday Room5 made 3D cubes. We made big cubes and small cubes using skewers, Wine Gums and tooth picks. Miss Paton said we have to be in a group of twos. I went with Jarred. We made a big cube. We needed 8 Wine Gums and 12 skewers. a cube has six faces. Our cube couldn’t stand because of the weight. The small ones could stand. Next we had to estimate how long one skewer is. I estimated 20 centimetres. I measured one and it was 20 centimetres. Next we had to estimate how long it will be if we broke it apart and make a long line from it. I estimated 240 centimetres. I measured it and it was 240 centimetres. I went six twenty’s and that equals 240. After when we finished we got to eat the wine gums.

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